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Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. "Code" tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions.

In our coding course, we use Minecraft Education Edition to teach children computer programming step by step, from block base to java script.

對編程人員來說,編程應該是沒有甚麼趣味吧﹗如何吸引小孩子學習呢?! CQF運用Minecraft作起點,從遊戲中學習,由拉拼形式的Blocky由淺入深,轉向Java語言,真正學會寫程式。學習過程協助同學獲取Microsoft証書,而且參加各大型編程賽事,培育小朋友自我學習動力,提昇成就感及信心。



The course is designed by the well-known KOL of Minecraft in Hong Kong. To cultivate and improve students' communication, creativity, problem-solving and self-management skills through unique methods. Students can learn and experience the entire video production process, including content planning, performance, video shooting and post-production. Finally, students will have the basic ability to make videos using mobile phones and home computers.

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賽車拉花設計(3D MODELING)

Students learn to design different latte art through the course. Professional latte art instructors will teach students to use computer software to design different patterns, so that students can complete the electronic latte art from the most basic design patterns to the combination of different patterns, and even put them in the real objects

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The course is led by a world-renowned aurora painter. Combining traditional
tchnology and art. The works will be imaged in realistic 3D, which can be viewed in 360 degrees, and the visual effects are better than stereoscopic movies.  Cultivate children's observation ability and spatial perception ability, train artistic creation ability, enhance children's personal competitiveness, help the balanced development of left and right brains, keep pace with the times, and keep abreast of the trend of science and technology learning.



Godzpeed is a well-know car racing sim company which provides the car racing sim with professional guide by ex-car racing athletics to teach you about how to race a car, the knowledge of being a car racer.

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